Wilhelmus VanBussel

国籍:荷兰 · 驻场时间:2018年
New Adress (07-09) :  De Plaetse 183, Brandevoort, 5708ZK  Helmond, The Netherlands.
31 Jan. – 10 Mai –Keramiekcentrum Tiendschuur Tegelen.
Klei met een grote K, Kunstzinnige Keramische hoogtepunten Het digitale keramiek magazine “De kleine K’ staat voor kwaliteit en know-how over keramiek. Deze expositie toont de hoogtepunten uit ruim 50 edities. Een inspirerende kijk op de keramische kunst wereldwijd. Lecture, 8 maart 14.00 uur: Willy van Bussel (NL)
(You can contact me for Ceramics related workshops)
30-31 Mai —  Workshop Penelope Vallejo Studio Barcelona (ESP)
6-10 July — Porcelain throwing/turning in Baambrugge (NL), info/subscribe: http://www.baampottery.nl
October — Membership IAC:
Dear Willy van Bussel, 
It is a great pleasure and honour for us to welcome you as a new member of the International Academy of Ceramics. We congratulate you on your achievement and your dedication to the art of ceramics!
3 Nov. – 16 Dec.  Solo exhibition and bookpresentation Willy van Bussel, 40 years in Ceramics.  Galerie Kempro, Heeze-Sterksel
22 September – 13 Oktober  20 ceramicists celebrate 20 years  Galerij π², Dorpsstraat 75 – 9420 Erpe
Paula Bastiaansen, Dick Blacquière, Mieke Everaet, Horst Göbbels, Vladimir Groh & Yasuyo Nishida, Hiromi Itabashi, Pavel Knapek, Thérèse Lebrun, Helen Martino, Anima Roos, Mieke Selleslagh, Hein Severijns, Margot Thyssen, Willy Van Bussel, Johan Van Geert, Ann Van Hoey, Marika Vansant, Paul Yperman, Stijn Yperman, Christiane Zeghers
5-29 Sept, exhibition Escola d’Art de la Diputacio de Tarragona a Tortosa (ES), pricewinners since 2003, first edition of Terrania. ( 1th price in 2018)
Selected for the 59th “Ceramics in love-two” competition, section Design at Castellamonte, Italy.  The exhibition will take place from 20 july-4 aug. at the center: Martinetti Convention, st. Educ n. 59, 10081 Castellamonte (TO) Italy
Selected artist in the Cluj International Ceramics biennale (4th edition), Romania
22-24 March , Ceramic Art London, Central Saint Martens, London (UK)
Paula Bastiaansen and Willy van Bussel, shared stand 49.
April-Mei — Selected artist for a 2 months residency at GAYA Ceramic Art Centre at Bali.
The Holy Grail of Translucency ( Gaya newsletter, April )
With quiet diligence, RA Willy van Bussel continues on his quest for the Absolute in eggshell thinness and harmoniously balanced forms. A shelf full of exquisite chalices already await the next layer of his patient brilliance: the detailed yet intuitive application of an overlapping matrix of straight lines of surgical tape—the resistant screen that will mask the clay from a thin layer of saturated slip pigment sprayed on. For multiple colors, each interim layer will be re-bisqued fired before moving forth. Exact precision. Le Corbusier in clay.

25 Febr. – 01 March — 5 days Porcelain throwing/turning
info/subscribe: Nederlandse Keramiekopleiding  —  info@keramiekopleiding.nl
24-28 June —  Porcelain throwing/turning in Baambrugge (NL), info/subscribe: http://www.baampottery.nl  
12-13 October —  Workshop Penelope Vallejo Studio Barcelona (ESP) — “fully booked”
13-14 okt.  Participation Kunstsmullen Heeze
28-30 sept.  1e Prize International Ceramic Festival Terrania, MontBlanc Spain.
The expert: Willy van Bussel shows how he throws and decorates paper-thin bowls.
Video made for the April 2018 issue of the Dutch digital ceramics magazine ‘de kleine K’. A film by Mels Boom. Dutch spoken, English subtitles.
Willy van Bussel – Flinterdun porselein – Paper-thin porcelain – YouTube
Month’s Residency at Jingdezhen International Studio.  I participated in ceramic activities, exhibitions, workshops, and ceramic design. During my stay I was able to explore the possibilities in ceramic production in Jingdezhen and presented and exhibited my experiments and designs in Taoxichuan Ceramic Art Avenue.
27 april  Lecture at Jingdezhen University  “40 years in Ceramics ”
28 – 30 april  Solo exhibition and Lecture at Jingdezhen International Studio  “Lines and Colours”
I teach ceramics at the Ceramics training institute SBB Gouda’.
You can also contact me for other ceramics related workshops
22-23 sept. Workshop Penelope Vallejo Studio Barcelona (ESP)
fully booked
2 – 6 july  Porcelain throwing/turning  in Baambrugge (NL)
info/subscribe: http://www.baampottery.nl — 0031612378482
26 Febr. – 02 March —  5 days Porcelain throwing/turning
info/subscribe: SBB Gouda NL
27 jan. 2018 — Workshop Klei Symposium NVK
17 may – 3 june — Participant 6th International Ceramics Biennale Artceram2 — Sevres (France)
11 april – 27 july — 14th International Mug Symposium Dubi Czech Republic to the collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.
28 – 31 april — Willy van Bussel – Lines and Colours at Taoxichuan Ceramic Art Avenue, Jingdezhen International Studio. (Lecture, 28-4, 17.00)
18 march – 6 may — Galerie del Campo – Wijster / Midden Drenthe (NL)
Porcelain throwing/turning  in Baambrugge (NL)
25-26-27-28-29 september —  info: http://www.baampottery.nl — 0031612378482
Porcelain throwing/turning  SBB Gouda (NL)
6 days in febr, march and april
2 – 10 dec.2017
International Ceramic Biennale Haacht (B)
nov. 2017
Invited guest International Ceramic Art Festival in Sasama, Japan.
2 – 6 oct. 2017
Invited guest Jingdezhen Art Fair China
12 – 22 july
14th International Mugsympo, Cesky Porcelan, Dubi Tsjech
6 April 2017 – 21 April 2017
Hanyang University Museum Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
Ceramic Exhibition Heritage and Diversity: UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Korea
13 jan. – 19 febr. 2017
International Porcelain exhibition Kempro, Dehullu etc.
-the exhibition will travel through several countries afterwards – Netherlands, Belgium, Tsjech and Austria.
Sasha Wardell, David Jones, Vicky Shaw, Victor Greenaway, Anima Roos, Mieke Everaet, Thérèse Lebrun, Piet Stockmans, Paula Bastiaansen,  Jeanne Opgenhaffen, Vladimir Groh and Yasuyo Nishida, Mami Kato, Karin Bablok, Zsolt József Simon, Patty Wouters and Willy van Bussel.
3 – 7  Oct.  Porcelain throwing/turning  info.:  Pottery Baambrugge (NL)
2 Dec. t/m 6 Dec.
 The 2016 5th China Shanghai International Modern Pot Art Biennial
Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts and the
Shanghai International Modern Pot Art ExhibitionCentre
30 Okt. – 20 Dec. International Porcelain exhibition Kempro (NL)
-the exhibition will travel through several countries afterwards-
Sasha Wardell, David Jones, Vicky Shaw, Victor Greenaway, Anima Roos, Mieke Everaet, Thérèse Lebrun, Piet Stockmans, Paula Bastiaansen, Henk Wolvers, Jeanne Opgenhaffen, Vladimir Groh and Yasuyo Nishida, Mami Kato, Karin Bablok, Zsolt József Simon, Patty Wouters and Willy van Bussel.
9 – 27 Nov. Ceramic Exhibition Artibrak Voorburg (NL)
Let de Kok, Carolien Peeters, Petrus Griepink, Tessa Droog, Lidwien van Wersch, Bibi Kriek, Carla de Vrijer, Carla Teer en Willy van Bussel
16 Okt. – 27 Nov. Ceramic Gallery Groot Welsden (NL)
Bibi Kriek and Willy van Bussel
28 June – 11 Sept. Anniversary Kasteel Geldrop
Erfgoed nu & Erfstuk toen (Heritage now & Heirloom then)
8-10 April Ceramic Art London (UK)
10 Apr – 22 Mai  Broft Galleries, Leerdam NL
Colour and Space
Wim Borst, Willy van Bussel and others
— 11 Febr. le Don du Fel (F), a table autrement !!
Akiko Hirai, Sophie MacCarthy, Jo Davies, Camille Schpilberg, Mandy Cheng, Christine Zablocki / Sebastien Lopes, Andrea Baumann,  Christine Carotenuto and Willy van Bussel
International Ceramic shows : Swalmen (NL), Hatfield (UK), Faenza (I)
25 Jan. – 21 Mar. Porcelain exhibition Loes en Reinier
Tony Laverick, Sasha Wardell, Yasuyo Nishida & Vladimir Groh, Anima Roos, Maria ten Kortenaar and Willy van Bussel
17 – 19 AprCeramic Art London
aug. – okt. 3x 2 day workshop porcelain, Luik (B)
10 Okt. – 5 Dec. Exhibition Purism – Galerie Hoogstraten & Wesseling – Kerkweg 5, Zeist
photographer/video artist Wytske Averink and Willy van Bussel
Nov. / Dec. Galerie Paul Yperman (B)
Richard Dewar (F), Horst Gobbels (D), Vladimir Groh and Yasuyo Nishida (Tsj), Mami Kato (J), Roger Lewis (UK), Margot Thijssen (B) and Willy van Bussel (NL)
Dec. / Jan. Galerie le Don du Fel (F)
4-5-6 AprCeramic Art London
Nov.  International Ceramic Conclave New Dehli
Organised by the Dehli Blue Pottery Trust
Ann van Hoey, Patty Wouters  (BE), Eddie Curtis, Pollie and Garrie Uttley, Regina Heinz, Sasha Wardell   (UK), Elena Mach, Elena Potapova, Igor Chernyaev, Olga Ravinskaya, Tania Punans  (RUS), Jane Jermyn (IRL), Martin McWilliam (DE), Rafael Perez (ESP), Seungho Yang (Korea), Shozo Michikawa, Tetsuya Tanaka  (JPN), Steven Low Thia Kwang (SGP), Svetlana Pasechnaya (Ukraine), Ted Secombe (AUS), Vlaidimir Groh and Yasuyo Nishida (CZE), Willy van Bussel (NL)
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