Luce Raggi:Be positive

Luce Raggi:Be positive

主讲人:Luce Raggi
 Lecture Date:2017 November18 (Saturday) 16:00
 Ceramics Art AvenueLibrary2nd floor lecture hall.
 Exhibition Date:November18-19
Location: Jingdezhen International Studio

Everything start with curiosity, then a touch of irony and the drawing is complete.
                                                      —— Luce Raggi
绘画是Luce创作的起點,然后她進一步地嚐試用视频和陶瓷雕塑來探索她的想法。她的作品是不同的創作媒材之间的对话,進而带来一个生动而可识别的標誌。她把陶瓷作品做成拼贴画,然后将拼贴画做成动画式电影。《MADE IN CHINA》00:03:00 - 16:9 - 2D Digital Animation
《MADE IN CHINA》00:03:00 - 16:9 - 2D Digital Animation
“Drawing is the start of Luce’s projects, then she experiments her ideas further more with video art and sculpture, mainly ceramic. Her work is consists of a dialogue between different mediums, bringing a mark that is vivid and recognizable across them all. The ceramic appears in the collages, the collages become animations, and the animations become ceramic movies.

“KEEP IT UNREAL” is Luce’s slogan. To express her concepts she plays with life andirony as an interesting mental game, communicating through images to the audience. The audience's reaction, whether it's a laugh or a bad comment, is a fundamental part of her artistic practice and irony is what keeps the world interesting. It may be hidden, but it’s always there, more than love, more than pain. Same importance is given to contradictions. Another important element in her work is her writing, which also appears in all the media she used. She created her font for her animations and she writes sloganon paper as well as on ceramic.

Luce first came toJingdezhen in 2016 for an exchange program Jingdezhen and her sister city, Faenza, Italy. During that time she produced work that reflected her everyday life in Jingdezhen, which is always the biggest inspiration of her works. Surrounded by buckets and hard working women,she decided to tribute their work by making porcelain buckets. She alsomade a series of vases, written with latex and then glazed; one of them was the“ANOTHER FUCKING BLUE AND WHITE VASE” which got an honorable mention at the prestigious MINO Ceramic Competition inJapan. She attended the show in MINO and then she came back to Jingdezhen invited by the Jingdezhen International Studio to continue her ceramic projects. 

Luce was born in theearly 80`s in Faenza, the city of majolica, and grow up with a black marker penin her pocket. She moved to Milan where she studied Illustration at the European Institute of Design (IED) and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts inBrera, partaking also in a one-year exchange program at the London College ofCommunication (LCC), University of the Arts, London.

 Luce has since movedin her personal way into the circles of contemporary art with solo and groupshows as well as important art residencies, lately she has produced work inChina, South Korea and Mexico.She is also growing her graphic experience making illustrations, designs, logos and creating her own clothing line. She is now based in Faenza, producing works in her industrial studio space. Laughing at nothing is still one of her favorite activities.


Building B9,Ceramic Art Avenue,No.150,Xinchang West Road,ZhushanDistrict,Jingdezhen, Jiangxi  Provence