Taoxichuan Ceramic Art Avenue Project 

Based on the protection and utilization of the porcelain industry heritage, Taoxichuan Ceramic Art Avenue programme is a compound-type project which integrates the industrial development and upgrading into the new-type urbanization. The peripheral area of 1 square kilo covers more than 10 industries and enterprises such as Yuzhou, Weimin and Wannengda. It is an original major production base of exported porcelain in China and a typical old industry area in the city with lots of industry heritages and long-standing history.


With the original Yuzhou Porcelain Factory as the core starting area, Ceramic Art Avenue cultural and innovative blocks have been established with a total building area of 89 thousand square kilos. The infrastructures, including 22 old porcelain factories, coal-fired round kilns and tunnel kilns, have been restored. Supporting infrastructures such as the Museum of Porcelain Industry Heritage, galleries, Jingdezhen Taoxichuan JAEA International Art Center , boutique restaurants, innovative restaurants and coffee experience pavilions, have been built.